We delivered the Magic Mobile ad unit for Google US. These contextually relevant ads were powered by a custom variation of the Essence Perceptive Content Engine (PCE) developed by Essence. We collaborated closely with our friends at 72andSunny to align the look and feel of the user interface in these ads with their work on the wider marketing campaign, and with the design of the app itself.

Multi 1.PNG

By recreating the Google Now experience with an ad unit, we were able to deliver an ad that offers a genuinely useful user experience where users can receive recommendations for places to visit based on the time of day and location-specific weather.


A mobile-only campaign was crafted focusing on iOS and Android. For a fully contextual experience 23 pieces of dynamic content were pulled into every impression in real time from 5 separate APIs. In fact, over 95% of the content is dynamic, right down to little touches like the time in the status bar on the phone in the background.

Why is this campaign special? 

This campaign was developed as a proof of concept to highlight Google Now's benefits and drive engagement with its features by leveraging data sources in combination to deliver contextual and hyper-relevant content to digital ad placements. And all that at scale.