Google: Client

Bosco Zubiaga, Product Marketing Manager
Brendan Starr, Digital Media Manager
Cam Luby, Head of Innovation and Strategy
Krista Miyashiro, Strategist

Essence: Technical Development, Media Strategy, Planning & Execution

Alastair Boyle, Head of Strategy
Andrew Veasey, Creative Direction
Devin Kemper, Front-end Development
Doug Schebel, Planning Lead
Freda Sotto, Account Management Lead
Freddie Liverside, Programmatic Planner
Gen Lau, Associate Account Manager
Helena Salles, Planning Supervisor
Katelin Chubb, Associate Account Manager
Katie Reisman, Planning Supervisor - Mobile
Rachel Polonsky, Account Manager 
Sandeep Ahluwalia, Project/Account Management
Torie Baker, Project Management

72andSunny: Creative Lead

Rhea Curry, Brand Director