Building on the success of the award winning Perfect Pinpoint Personalisation campaign of 2015, which incorporated 26 data sources from 5 different APIs to create personalise mobile ad experiences, we took promoting the Google App to the next level with the Explorer Banner.  The Explorer Banner amplifies the user’s personalised experience by using the next generation of geo-targeting technology (Dynamic Polygon’s)  to suggest even more relevant, timely and location specific information served in mobile ads.

The new Dynamic Polygon technology allows us to target an audience and serve the dynamically driven content on rich media ads based on a combination of geo-location ring fencing location based information such as monuments, festivals, landmarks and events.

A customer journey would look something like:

  1. Joe, a Michigan native, is visiting San Francisco for the first time with his girlfriend.  

  2. Exploring Golden Gate Park, he takes out his smartphone to check on the score of the Tigers game.

  3. An ad posing the question, “Who designed Golden Gate Park?” piques his interest.

  4. Joe taps the ad, revealing a Google knowledge card with the answer.

  5. Joe and his girlfriend continue to enjoy their day, now made better by a timely and relevant Google brand experience.

  6. Joe wonders what else the Google App can do, and sees that he can simply tap the ad again to install

  7. Learning a new fact about the world around him, Joe shares his newfound knowledge with his girlfriend.

  8. Joe finds out about the park’s designer, and the common misconception that Central Park was planned by the same person


The campaign leveraged the best of Google. It was Built in DoubleClick Studio Rich Media 100% and delivered via Programmatic on DoubleClick Bid Manager. We used ZIP+4 (Events, Festivals, Landmarks). 

To optimised the media activity, we considering language settings when planning and spread key messages throughout the day using dayparting timings and techniques.