More than a billion people use Google’s products and services. Google is evolving but the way users interact with them is not. And while the Google experience that people have come to know (and love) is valued, most users are not anywhere close to using the best of Google.

Because of the relentless pace in which technology and innovation grow and change, Google wants to ensure that their products and innovations are leading the charge and bringing their consumers/users along for the journey. In order to do this, we're in constant need to find engaging ways to ensure more people wanted to move beyond the Google they’re familiar with, and to interact with the more modern, mobile Google through the Google Search App (GSA). The app brings relevant, contextual information to users before they even search for it. By increasing awareness and usage of the app and it's advanced features, we could make our users' lives more productive and more enjoyable.

To demonstrate the power of the Google Search App, Essence proposed a customization of their perceptive content engine, leveraging Google and third party data sources in delivering real-time data to digital ad placements, tailored to users’ physical and digital context. In other words, we brought the functionality of the app into ads, and made mobile banners useful to users.

In 2014, our magic mobile ad ran as part of an integrated campaign involving TV, outdoor, cinema, online video and digital display.